Our studs are all proven studs with a minimum of three litters each. We will not use a stud until we have proven his ability with our own females. We ship fresh chilled semen using digital semen containers which controls the temperature at the correct temperature. Our drop off time at Fed –x is 10:00 Pm which means your semen will be as fresh as possible. We can collect as late as 8:00 Pm cdt but scheduling is critical to ensure our boy is rested and waiting to work for you.  Shipments of semen on weekends must be scheduled in advance as a precaution. We can ship by commercial airline but the shipping cost may double. It will be checked at time of scheduling.


• All breeding’s come with a guarantee of a live litter of one puppy or you will be given another breeding at no cost except for cost of shipping semen. One or more pups over the age of 14 days is considered a successful breeding.  Litters of one puppy will receive a 20% refund of stud fee.  All vets advise that low litters are the responsibility of the bitch but we want to help soften the blow. We have all been there.
• Our studs fertility and mobility are checked prior to every shipment of semen. Your success is critical to my success and the success of my studs. We want you to be successful. Not only do you get quality semen shipped to you, you get free consultation concerning breeding strategy, timing of breeding, type of breeding and which male will work best for you.
• Our males all have complete DNA panels from Animal Genetics to assist in any color programs you may have.
• All males parentage DNA is on file with the AKC.
• Our males all have three generation pedigrees for your review.
• We guarantee to ship semen on the prescribed day once we commit to you.
• We commit to dropping off the semen ourselves direct to the airport. Drop off times are Ten O clock at night. This allows us to collect as late as possible ensuring semen is as fresh as possible.
• We ship using Federal Express and will ship overnight am, with upgrades to 10:30 where possible at breeders expense. We also suggest picking it up yourself when convenient . This also ensures semen is as fresh as possible to give semen longer to fertilize the eggs.