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Founded two decades ago, JJG Frenchies was started to promote our love of the breed through healthy and responsible practices. Combining years of research and breed experience, we work tirelessly to provide healthy frenchie puppies to be additions to your family. If you are a french bulldog breeder, we would love to share our knowledge with you in our efforts to promote a breed we love so much. As you navigate our site, you will learn who we are, what we have learned along the way and what drives us. Whether you are a frenchie breeder or looking for a new member of your family, this is our passion and we are excited to share our knowledge of French bulldogs with you. Please contact us for more information or specific questions, we are happy to help!

Randy’s Ramblings

Frenchie Tips and Tricks from Randy

Welcome to Randy's Ramblings. Every once in a while I get a call that gets me to thinking, which leads to a little rambling on about that topic. Here you will get the benefit of my years of experience as a french bulldog breeder. I will share with you my best kept secrets on how to properly raise, train and care for your frenchie. Feel free to submit a question and when I get a minute I will do my best to answer.

Ask Randy

Register your microchip

Every one of our puppies is microchipped prior to release. We give you information to register with reunite. It is critical that you register the chip so they know how to reach you in the event your puppy or dog gets lost. They will contact us as your backup, but the delay in communication could […]

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Potty Training

This is the phase of training that frustrates new puppy owners the most. No one likes constantly cleaning up their puppies messes. But it comes with the territory. Every puppy is different, some learn quicker than other and some slower than others. The basic process is combined with crate training. Puppies should never run loose […]

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Leash Training

Leash training is very useful to teaching your older puppy or dog, commands and discipline. The first couple of days , take your pet out for leash following only. This requires you to be forceful in making them follow you. Do not yank too hard or you can hurt their trachea. I make them  follow […]

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Our Client Reviews

We just picked up our sweet boy today. We are completely in love with our Samson! Randy & his wife we’re completely professional, educational just great people to work with, they really stuck by their word for everything! They want to help in any way they can, they generally love these animals even after they are gone to forever homes they still want to help with any questions you have! It’s awesome! I would buy again and again from them!
Megan Pearson

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