Behavioral Training for French Bulldogs

Frenchie’s need an alpha male in their pack. It can be you or them, they don’t care. The best way I have found to establish that I am the alpha male is leash training. Takes about five to six days to really be effective.
First two days- Teach them to follow on a leash.
The next two days teach them to stop and sit. When they do act like they won the super bowl and praise and rub their back as a reward.
Last but not least, the last two days teach them to stay. Repeat the stop and sit portion and add the stay. Do this by dropping the leash and command them to stay by saying “Stay.” very firmly and putting your hands up like a stop sign. Let them stay for a short amount of time and don’t move too far away. Keep repeating this and slowly start increasing your distance and time. Again, when they stay and come when you say come, love them and praise them.
This teaches to them to stop when you want and to stay when you want. It literally can save their lives under emergency situations and makes for a better pet, since they behave. I perform these discipline training exercises each day for about twelve hundred feet, starting and stopping, repeating the exercise I am working on, over and over. The repetition is the secret and the rewarding them with congratulatory praise.

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