Lilac Brindle Stud – SAMSON

Samson is a broad Lilac Brindle male. If you want to add thickness to your stock, especially their heads and bone structure, then Samson is your man. He is chocolate, blue, and one copy of tan. He also has brindle that you need if your dog is a fawn and you want blue puppies. He will make lilac and tans or other combinations depending on your females. Stud fee is $1500.00 or second puppy back.

Lilac a/a Stud – OKLAHOMA CANE

Oklahoma Cane is 21 lbs of pure frenchie. He is a lilac a/a frenchie which means he can make lilac and tans or solid lilacs. He carries pied and cream as well so he can make just about any color depending on your females. He has had three breedings as of August, and we are excited to see his first litter. Feel welcome to call and talk about him and how he might work for your program. Stud fee is $1500.00 or second puppy back.

Lilac & Tan Stud – DURTY DAWG

DURTY DAWG is a Lilac and Tan French Bulldog male.  He is ready to stud.  He is a/AT, d/d, b/b.  Stud fee is $2000.00 or second puppy back.  For more information contact Randy of JJG Frenchies at 918-863-5444.