First Vet Checks

When you go for your first vet checks they sometimes,  perform more services than I think is neccesary. The one that drives me crazy is parvo. If they test your newborn pup for parvo, it may cost you $50.00 to $100.00 and they will probably find it.  It’s because we have been vacccinating them with parvo, so of course, they are going to find parvo.  Then it scares you to death, and you panic and call me.

There are some basic symptoms of parvo that are obvious.  The first is they are Lethargic, will throw up and run a temperature.  So if they don’t have these symptoms why spend the money to be told yes it has parvo when really it doesn’t.

Many vets will run a fecal test to see if they are carrying any parasites like coccidia or giarda.  We send medicine home with our puppies to address this issue as its quite common in puppies, due to community living or stress of the transition.


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