JJG Frenchies Stud Services

Guaranteed French Bulldog Stud Services​

There are no puppies without studs, and it’s important to make sure you get the right French bulldog stud. All of our Frenchie studs come from quality breeding stock and offer options for all color programs. Whether you are local or national, we are here to help. Once we accept a stud booking and make a commitment, we offer a “no excuses” level of service.

  • We do not use a french bulldog stud until he has been proven with at least three litters with our own females.
  • All frenchie breeding’s come with a guarantee of a live litter (two or more pups over the age of 14 days) or you will be given another breeding at no cost except for shipping at the breeder’s expense.
  • We check our french bulldog stud’s fertility and mobility prior to every shipment of semen.
  • We health test all of our males and give them a complete DNA panel to assist in breeding your preferred colors.
  • All male’s parentage DNA is on file with the American Kennel Club.
  • All males have three generation French Bulldog pedigrees for your review.

We collect the semen ourselves rather than going to a vet to cut down on the time between extraction and insemination. We extract from the males ourselves and then immediately package the semen for shipping, so we can act quickly to get you the semen even on short notice.

We use the Ship-Mate shipping container to provide our clients with refrigerated and temperature controlled shipping of semen. The container ensures that the semen is cooled slowly and that temperature is maintained throughout the shipping process. We strive for no more than a 12 hour shipping window. We also use a high-quality semen extender to ensure the life of the semen.

We collect from the male at 7:30 pm in order to get the shipment directly to FedEx by 9 pm at night. We do ship weekends via commercial airlines, however, you will have to pick up the shipment yourself. All semen is evaluated for quality at the time of shipping.

We offer several levels of service for our local breeders. We offer a turnkey service where you drop off your female and we return her once she is bred. Alternatively, we can artificially inseminate your female up to two times. We offer flat rates or a second puppy back for customers who bring their female to us.

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