Health Warranty

Most health Warranties only cover Congenital defects that lead to death decisions. We provide the same warranty.  We even double the standard one year warranty to two if you put your puppies on Nuvet vitamins until they turn one year of age.

While we don’t guarantee or imply any other warranties.  We do like to stand behind our puppies. What I  promise to any buyer of my puppies this following promise. If you inform me immediately of any major issues during the period of your warranty, and let me be part of the process,  IF I BELIEVE I HAVE SOLD YOU A BAD PUPPY,  I will strive to make it right. But the decision to do so and the remedy offered is strictly up to me to decide what is right.  BUT I DO want to make it right.  I just want to be in control of the process and the decision. I am proud to say that i have  never had to use this policy.

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