Leash Training

Leash training is very useful to teaching your older puppy or dog, commands and discipline.

The first couple of days , take your pet out for leash following only. This requires you to be forceful in making them follow you. Do not yank too hard or you can hurt their trachea. I make them  follow me until they give in and are following easily.  Then start teaching them to heel. This means don’t let the pet lead you or go around to your left side. This requires you to shorten the leash where they have to stay at your right heel.  Once they are doing this properly and consistently, you go to the next phase of teaching them to stop and sit. You basically start with the command of come on, then go a short distance and say stop and you stop as well. Then give the command of sit, you may need to place your hand on their butt and make them sit. Then scratch their back as a reward and praise them with good boy or girl..

Then, stand up and go again. Do this over and over until the dog stops as soon as you say so and then say sit. You will find the pet will start sitting as soon as you say stop.  Again, scratch their back and praise them.

Once your pet is doing this consistently,   lay the leash in front of you once he sits and  place your hand in a stop position and say stay. Move back a foot or two as they will immediately want to follow you. When they stay, you say come here and reward them with great loving  and scratching.  Continue doing this and keep trying to get further and further away from them. Do this for as a many days as you can until you feel they have it down.   About once a week for a couple of months, you should do this to give him his memory joggers.

These commands will make your dog more enjoyably and MAY SAVE HIS LIFE in a emergency situation. You get out of this, what you put into it. Good luck enjoy a better behaving pet.

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