Poop Eating

NASTY for sure. But why. That’s what everyone asks.  Well it begins with watching their mothers clean up after them and they think its natural.  Then when mother gets weaned and the poop is laying around they go check it out. And low and behold, some of them like it.  While every good breeder does their best to pick the poop up immediately, so they don’t eat poop, its not realistic that we catch it all. So when you get your puppy home this is something you need to pay attention to.  Holler (no), Throw something (soft) shoot water gun, anything that gets their attention. Catch them before they eat it. Sooner or later they will stop.  This has nothing with how much you feed them.  Some sign’s that they are eating poop are if you never see it in their cage or you see blood in their stools. When we send puppies home, we send you home with  medicine to use in this event. This is a normal event in the puppy raising world and the problem just needs to be dealt with.

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