My two females, Gidget and Chestnut are doing great. I get compliments all the time about them. Thank you for helping me select the right puppies for me. They are wonderful and are a part of my family. I love them so much. I’m sorry I bother you and Elizabeth with so many questions and I thank you for always answering them. I love my girls.

Mona Ledford

Randy, I want to thank you for replacing the blue fawn you sold me as a breeder. She developed a heart murmur after the fact and even though your contract didn’t require you to, you recommended against me breeding her as you didn’t want it passing to the puppies. You didn’t argue the fact at all. You even sold me back the first pup at a very fair price after I spayed her to ensure she had a good home. I am so happy I chose you as my breeder.

Torri Williams

I told my wife if we ever bought another French Bulldog, Randy is the only one I would buy from. My next French Bulldog I bought from Randy. The man is fair and helpful.

Tony Rexwinkle

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