Tips for Summer Heat for Your French Bulldog

Frenchie’s will die if left outside in the heat or high humidity. To prevent this, stay outside with your pet if they are going to be out longer than ten minutes. Make sure they have access outside to cool water in case they overheat and you are inside. If they are panting, they are overheating.
Also, never leave your dog in a car. It gets extremely hot quickly. Don’t ever leave your dog in the car using a plastic carrier even if you leave the air conditioning on. Plastic carriers do not provide good air flow and I have known dogs to die under that scenario.
Walk, Don’t Run
Don’t let your dog “fence run” during hot weather, whether it’s running up and down with the neighbor’s dog, or because you have the lawn mower going. They don’t know when to stop.
Keep Cool with a Toddler Pool
Most frenchie’s love wallowing in a small pool of water. Since most frenchie’s can’t swim this gives them pleasure without drowning. And it helps them if they overheat. Fresh cool water is a must whether for drinking or playing.

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