If you are looking for a French Bulldog Stud service or a French Bulldog Puppy you have come to the right place

JJG Frenchies formerly East Texas Frenchies has relocated to Collinsville, OK a suburb of Tulsa, OK. We retired from our company in East Texas and we were ready to move home to be closer to our children. We have been raising puppies for over thirty years and we have been specializing in French Bulldogs for the last Twelve years.
The first time I saw a frenchie, I fell in love with their looks. But it wasn’t until I purchased my first Frenchie that I found out how lovable these little guys are. They demand attention, they follow you everywhere and they are simply the best children’s dog I have ever raised. They will give you all the loving and attention you want. They must be raised in a climate controlled environment due to their recessed noses. About five years ago, I saw a picture of Blue Moon the original Blue and Tan frenchie.  I  knew immediately I wanted one but the only way to get one was to breed it.    So our breeding is focused on genetics that will result in blue and tan, yet maintain good confirmation. While we focus on developing these new colors and to ensure their medical health and confirmation, we have many puppies of standard colors available from this same quality breeding stock.   So whether its a standard color, new color, male or female, we can help you locate one that fits you, your family.  We also strive to match the puppies personality to the owners of our pets.  That’s why we have so much repeat business.  While I have had to pay a couple minor vet bills for a sick puppy or two, I have never been requested to refund anyone’s money or to provide another puppy.  The courts say a puppy is a product, but our hearts tell us otherwise.  I strive to make sure your purchase of a puppy from us is as pleasant and positive as possible.

I take my role seriously to raise good healthy puppies at the best affordable prices.  This doesn’t mean they are all inexpensive, because they aren’t.  Frenchies are a beauty game and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   Some are considered more popular due to their rarity and since demand is high and supply is low, the prices are higher.  That’s just the truth of the matter.    We also have no problem with any of the show breeders who disagree with these new colors.  We understand where they are coming where, we just believe they are wrong. All of our higher value puppies come with a lifetime health warranty against genetic defects.

If you are a breeder, we have quality breeding stock and our studs all offer different color options for ALL COLOR PROGRAMS.   Even if you don’t see what you need  on our web site, please contact us.  Our small network has many other studs not shown.  We are here to help the small breeder as well as the established breeder. *See our stud page.

We expect about ten litters over the next year with the blue and tan colors and standard colors that didn’t get the genetics.  If you are looking for one, contact me and lets find one that works for you. I sell all of my puppies, so I don’t have to force one on anyone.  All I have to do is find out if I have what you want and then direct you to the one that has what you want.  I let you pick out the puppy you want.

To our buyers, we give health guarantees, references, regular videos, and we don’t forget you once you receive the puppy.  We will respond to any questions you have after you get home with your new addition.

To our breeders, once we accept a stud booking we won’t let you down.  There will be no excuses for not shipping out your semen.  We are available 24/7  regardless of weekends and holidays.  We can even ship on weekends for same day deliver from Tulsa.  We can ship as late as nine o’clock pm CDT from Tulsa.

If you are looking for a partner to help you find the French puppy for you and your family or a breeder looking for a partner that gives good solid information and advise, we can assist you.

Just give us a call at 918-863-5444 and talk to randy.  No voice mail is set up due to marketing calls, but I return all missed calls.   I hope you will give us a try.

   Our Blue and Tan Program

We expect our first litter of blue and tans and black and tans,  that will be available for sale as early as August 2014.   If you are interested in Blue and Tan’s, then you should reach out to me.  I will be very active in this market next year as we have several at/ay girls that we expect to breed next year as well as several at/d/d female carriers.   Most of my female parents were sables which mean none of my carriers carry the brindle gene and usually only one pied gene.

It’s my goal to introduce as much of America to this cool little dog that I can. America deserves this animal.  We provide video updates of all of our puppies to help families select the personality they want for their family. See them in our puppy section.

Feel welcome to call randy at 918-863-5444 for videos and consultation.