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Welcome to Randy's Ramblings. Every once in a while I get a call that gets me to thinking, which leads to a little rambling on about that topic. Here you will get the benefit of my years of experience as a french bulldog breeder. I will share with you my best kept secrets on how to properly raise, train and care for your frenchie. Feel free to submit a question and when I get a minute I will do my best to answer.

Ask Randy

    Christmas 2020 Puppies

    We are expecting a very busy Christmas here at JJG Frenchies.  We have five litters due beginning October 7, 2020. They will be available in time for Christmas.  This has been a traumatic year for all and there’s nothing better than a Frenchie to bring cheer to the family.  We will have all colors: fawns, pieds, merles, lilacs, lilac and tans, blues, blue and tans, and chocolates.

    Due to COVID-19, Frenchies have been in very strong demand.  So when you find a puppy you want no matter who you are going through, I recommend you be decisive. If you take your time making a decision, “your” puppy may be gone by the time you decide to get it. Females are the first to go as a rule, and blue and lilac Frenchies have been in big demand.  Be wary of scammers – visit your Frenchie seller of choice if at all possible. Deposits are the only thing that guarantee your selection.

    We list our upcoming litters on our website under available puppies. You can see their mom and dad under sires and dams.

    Our prices start at $2500 for standard males and females.  Blues and lilacs start at $3,000 and up. Pieds and merles are priced after they are born as prices are based on the uniqueness of their patterns.

    I accept and prefer messages in three ways. I prefer messenger first, text message second, email third. I respond and work them in that order. Messenger allows me to send multiple videos and pictures. When asking for videos or information, please refer to the name or id number of the puppy from it’s posting.

    The fastest way to get information is to call: 918-863-5444. If I  don’t respond within 24 hours, please bug me. It means I’m swamped or my ADD is acting up.  I am committed to doing the best I can in providing you with complete and honest information to help you make your decision. I look forward to helping you find the Frenchie that is right for you and your family.


    Enough said.  Nasty issue!  But  many people don’t realize that excessive diarrhea can lead to dehydration and death.  They lose so much energy they just don’t want to eat or drink.

    Realize this could lead to a life threatening problem  and deal with the concern it deserves.

    Puppy Support

    Once you take your puppy home,  you inevitably will have questions.

    CALL US.

    We are here to support you for behavioral issues or other issues. We are not vets, but we have a lot of experience taking care of our Frenchies. We spend a lot of time learning how to avoid issues. We are always happy to provide you with advice from our personal experiences raising Frenchies. So when you have questions, call us so that maybe we can help. We are glad to if we can. If not, we will give you recommendations on who to seek help from next, such as your local vet.


    Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.  This is because people change their minds and the older the puppy gets, the harder it is for us to sell.  So the deposit is made to ensure you follow through and to compensate us for our efforts. So please do not make deposit if you don’t plan on following through.

    Even if you complete a purchase agreement, if deposit is not received with 24 hours, the puppy is eligible to be sold. We have completed many a contract and then never hear a word. If you do change your mind, please tell us. We are not offended if you find something else.

    Avoid Scams

    Unfortunately with the internet, scams are abundant.  The french bulldog market is no different.


    Scammers don’t want you to know who they are, so require a copy of their drivers license or passport. I provide a copy of my drivers license and breeders license upon request. Scammers use other breeders pictures to market dogs to get you emotionally excited enough to send money. Or they offer ridiculous prices way under the going rate.

    The more it sounds like a deal, the more careful you should be.

    Before we let you send us any money, we require a copy of your drivers license, email and phone number.  We prepare a purchase agreement  and health agreement in advance which we both sign. Once we have an agreement, we then ask for the deposit or payment.  We ask for cash (in person), Zelle, Cash App, or Apple pay.  They have our information.  If a seller ask for money via walmart, western union, anything that does not have sellers information is dangerous.