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Frenchie Tips and Tricks from Randy

Welcome to Randy's Ramblings. Every once in a while I get a call that gets me to thinking, which leads to a little rambling on about that topic. Here you will get the benefit of my years of experience as a french bulldog breeder. I will share with you my best kept secrets on how to properly raise, train and care for your frenchie. Feel free to submit a question and when I get a minute I will do my best to answer.

Ask Randy

    Contacting JJG Frenchies

    I get a  major amount of junk messages on my contact me board. It makes it extremely hard to know who to respond to that is real. So, please if you are interested in one of my puppies, please Call Me.  I don’t have any depth perception and texting is very difficult for me.  Plus the people who contact me by phone get the best deals as a rule.  I take a lot of pride in placing the right puppies with the right owner, but it requires a phone conversation. I don’t pressure anyone into buying my puppies, as they all sell. I just present my puppies and see if I have what you want.  Thanks

    Elongated Pallet

    Some Frenchies develop an elongated pallet.

    This is where their pallet in their mouth keeps growing to the point where it will shut off your pups throat or cause its throat to collapse.  I recommend you have your vet examine your pup when its being spayed or neutered to see if your pup is developing this problem. They can usually only discover this by examining while the pup is under anesthesia. The earlier you catch this, the cheaper it is to fix and it could save their life. However, you should still wait until they are at least five months of age so they are strong enough to handle the anesthesia.

    Nose Clip

    The Frenchy’s nose is its filtering system.

    One of the defects that affects the Frenchy is its nares. That’s the entry to the nose.  I have all of my dogs’ noses clipped to help them.  This is done by removing a portion of the nose when it’s under anesthesia. This is normally done when you are spaying or fixing your Frenchy. In Oklahoma, this costs about $20 to $40 dollars.  Ask your vet if your pup would be improved with a nose clip and get their opinion. It will help.

    Eating Grass

    Why do dogs eat grass?

    Everyone asks, “why do dogs eat grass?”  No one really knows.  The one thing I know is there are wild animals whose urine is toxic to dogs and puppies.  So if one of those animals peed on the grass your dog eats, it could kill him.  So NO Grass. If you see your dog doing it, break the habit.

    Register Your Microchip

    Every one of our puppies is microchipped prior to release. We give you the information you need to register with AKC Reunite when you ar ready to take your pup home.

    It is critical that you register the chip so they know how to reach you in the event your puppy or dog gets lost. They will contact us as your backup, but the delay in communication could cause your animal to stay in a shelter longer than necessary.

    Help find your pup, register your microchip.