Potty Training

This is the phase of training that frustrates new puppy owners the most. No one likes constantly cleaning up their puppy’s messes, but it comes with the territory. Every puppy is different – some learn quicker and some slower than others.

One of the best processes for potty training is to utilize crate training.

  • Puppies should never run loose in your house without you being able to monitor them 100 percent of the time. This way you can take them outside to potty the second you see the signs that they need to potty.
  • You should be consistent with your commands so you don’t confuse them.  For example, if you say “let’s go pee pee” the first time, you should use the same phrase every time you take them to potty.
  • Every time you remove them from your crate, you should take them immediately outside until they pee and poop. This may take up to fifteen minutes sometimes. If you get in a hurry and don’t wait for them to poop, they will poop inside the house and think that’s the routine. Don’t be surprised if sometimes they take two poops.
  • Once they do their business, praise them for being a good pet.
  • Let them go outside and stay outside as long as possible.
  • Puppies as a rule can only hold their bladders one hour for every month of age.


Try to take your pet outside in the morning at about the same time daily and as early as possible. I get up about five o’clock every morning and take my dogs outside while its cool.

While outside, I feed them, water them, and let them play.  When I bring them inside, I let them roam around and play. When I have to stop and can’t monitor them, I put them back in their cages.

I feed my puppies at the same time every day. First thing in morning, around noon, and a small amount around three to five. Now everyone has to adjust this to fit  their own schedules, but consistency is the key. Do not feed them in their cage.

If they do make a mess in the house, don’t make a big deal of it.  Just clean it up and go on. Make sure to spray the spot with some odor eliminator. Otherwise, every time the puppy smells this spot he will think it’s a place to go.

Be strong, patient and consistent.

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